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"I think that I may be the voice of my generation. Or at least a voice. Of a generation" - Hannah Horvath

01 avril 2014

Je sais que beaucoup d'entre vous rêvent d'avoir les sourcils de Cara Delevingne. Je trouve personnellement que la reine des sourcils est Hannah Horvath/Lena Dunham dans la série Girls! Le maquillage au niveau de ses sourcils est très minimaliste et est parfait pour le travail ou les cours! Hannah Horvath est mon modèle dans la vie de tous les jours. J'aime passer mon temps presque nue, porter des tee-shirts maille jaune fluo, parfois une perruque blonde et des dessous sexy digne d'un sapin de noel ("Shit, you look like a Christmas tree!"). M'inspirer des sourcils était donc la dernière chose à faire!
PS: Oui, c'est le poisson d'Avril le plus évident du monde!
PS2: Bien sûr que je ne me balade pas à moitié nue chez moi.
PS3: Je suis une Shoshanna.

I know a lot of you dream of having Cara Delevingne's heavy eyebrows. Personnaly, I'm more attracted to natural looking brows. For me, Hannah Horvath/Lena Dunham (Girls) is clearly the Queen of Eyebrows! Very subtle, very minimal. Perfect for work or school! Hannah is my ultimate model. Like her, I love spending my day almost naked or wearing yellow mesh tee-shirt. Sometimes, I even go for a blond wig and sexy lingerie ("Shit, you look like a Christmas tree!")! Drawing eyebrows was the last thing I had to do to look like her!
PS: Worst April fools ever
PS2: I'm mostly wearing legging & sweater.
PS3: I'm a Shoshanna! (Oh my effin' god, worth April fools ever, like ever)

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  1. hahahahaha oh my god, I was literally reading this and I had no idea that it was an april fool's day prank, so I was just thinking to myself "ummm well ok...I guess everyone's different? :$" but i did have a good laugh when I realised that it was a prank!!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

    1. If I was spending my days half naked, I hope I wouldn't write about it in a blog post (hopefully x))!
      It was the best prank to make! I'm happy it made you laugh! :)


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